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Teen Health
General Teen Health

As a teenager, you go through many changes. For one thing, your body is on its way to becoming its adult size. Learn about general teen health here.

Teen Smoking
Smoking is a no win situation.  But for some teens it is hard to say "no."  Find out the facts here.
Teen Mental Health

Stressed?  Most teens are whether their parents know it or not. Trying to juggle too much, trying to make the grades, trying to get along with your family. trying to fit in with your friends...all of these can add to stress that can take its toll. And sometimes that can lead to much bigger problems that need to be addressed.  Click here for more information.

Teen Violence

Who isn't concerned about teen violence in today's world?  From bullying to actual physical violence, as parents and teens we are all exposed to horrific stories and many have personally touched our lives. Explore the topics surrounding teen violence today.

Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is a fact of life.  And many teens do not get the care they need to have a healthy pregnancy.  Read here for more info.

Child Nutrition

Nutrition is such an important part of growing up. In today's hurried world however, it is sometimes the last thing we think about. However, poor nutrition can lead to all kinds of problems later in life including diabetes and heart disease.  Click this link and find out how kids should be eating to ensure a healthy life now and later!

Drugs and Teens

Drug abuse is a serious problem in our society. And it affects all us in some way.  Find out more about this public health issue by clicking here.

Teen Development

Change is the name of the game as we grow and develop. And sometimes those changes can be scary.  This link addresses puberty, sexual health and related development topics.  

Teen Page

This page is just for teens!  Click here.

Young Men and Young Women's Health

Children's Hospital Boston offers these teen friendly and comprehensive pages on many health topics.
Young Men's Health
Young Women's Health Center

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